Best Watches For Man

Don’t Be Shy in Hiding Your Wrist! Here Are The Best Watches For Men

Watches can make a great fashion statement regarding your personality and realize the importance of your personal style. Early on the smartphones took the place of the computer in our pocket and now watches are also on the same course.

So, in this modern world, a good watch is as important on a man’s wrist as a smartphone in your hand.

If you are looking to have a nice watch for men, this guide may help you in selecting a suitable watch for you.

  1. 1.

    Patek Philippe Nautilus

    Patek Phillipe Nautilus is one of the most fashionable watches that you can have around your wrist. The company has been making these phenomenal watches since the 1970s. Inspiringly, the shape of the watch is like a porthole. The grace of the watch is attractive loaded with plenty of fancy features same to those luxury watches. Automatic built-in movement keeps the clock ticking. Amazingly these watches are waterproof up to 120m that means you can enjoy your swimming while having it around your wrist.

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    Breitling Windrider

    You can associate word quality with Breitling. It is completely unnecessary if you work as a business consultant who is supposed to spend the weekend in gardening or enjoying parties but it gives you reassurance that the watch must simply outlive you. You can perfectly rely on its accurate timings. These watches are sent for nerds in Switzerland to verify that these just do not lose the standard time. These watches have got quartz movement and have the tendency to survive in deep water

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    Omega Speedmaster

    If you like Omega then obviously either you are left with Speedmaster or Seamaster. The Speedmaster watch is worn by the astronauts of NASA, so without any doubt, these watches travel more than any watches in the world. Similarly, Seamaster was worn by James Bond in his famous movie 007. The watch is available in multi colors ranging from light grey to dark black. Combination of a grey color with white needles in the interface creates a uniform uniqueness about these watches.

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    Casio Edifice Watch

    It features a stainless band and case. It has got a black face in front with three fantastic subdials. It is suitable for all type of functions ranging from an official business meeting to a home party. Edifice clocks even at 330 feet water down

  5. 5.

    Gucci Timeless

    Some people only prefer brands as far as watches are concerned. But the appearance of this watch is so attractive and eye-catching that sometimes it breaks the rules for the brands as well. The watch is perfectly automatic and clicks around the time. Gucci makes all the watches in Switzerland that is considered as the hub for making timeliness watches in the world. The mix of grey and light brown is the fashion in its own.

  6. 5.

    Rado Centrix

    The chapter of watches cannot be completed without the inclusion of the Rado brand. It is basically a Swiss brand that makes not only Quartz watches but also the automatic one. These are known for their marvelous designs. Rado Centrix is a quartz watch that has got tough crystal sapphire. Due to this quality, just forget about the scratches that may display on other watches. This watch is splash proof, so need to take deep swims in the water while it being on your wrist.